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Water leak detection

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If you hear running water where you shouldn't, see wet spots on the walls or floor, feel warm spots on the floor and if your water bills are out of sight, you might have a leak under the slab your house or commercial business sits on. Puddles of water in your yard or around the sidewalk or driveway might indicate a sewer line back-up. Seizmic activity, common in Southern California, invasive tree roots and normal settling can cause real problems under slabs, breaking or moving pipes. Allow the trained, licensed technicians at S.O.S. Plumbing & Expert Drain Cleaning Service help you. Call us to find the problem and provide an expert, guaranteed solution.

Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection

Many houses in Orange County and surrounding area are built on slabs, meaning the structure's pipes and sewer lines are laid out and then covered with concrete, which then becomes the flooring. Two reasons for building on slabs are cost—slab-build structures are much lower—and the environment. Oftentimes the land in a development will not support basements.

Because the floor of the house lies directly over water and sewage pipes, a pinhole leak under the slab can be a very scary thing to deal with. First, without being able to see the pipes, how do you find the leak? Second, if the leak proves to be under your living room—or in the middle of your restaurant—how can it be repaired without causing a mess?

S.O.S. Plumbing & Expert Drain Cleaning Service is dedicated to repairing any leak in your structure with minimal mess, trouble and expense. From a leak as small as a pinhole to a complete pipe burst under the slab, we can help. We're a family owned business in the Orange County areas since 1970, and you have our pledge on it.

Specialized Thermal Leak Detection

Using specialized equipment like an electronic leak finder, S.O.S. Plumbing & Expert Drain Cleaning Service is able to locate your problem quickly. The leak finder works like a stethescope, with a sensing head that can be placed against any serface. We can hear running water through pavement, flooring and walls, and using a rod inserted into the ground, we can hear below your lawn. Leaks can't hide from S.O.S. Plumbing!

You can trust our trained, expert technicians to find your leak and know how to stop

Water Leak Detection