• Drain Cleaners May Only Make The Situation Worse Your pipes are clogged, and you want to get rid of it ASAP, so you pour a bottle of chemical cleaner down your drain. Problem solved, right? Wrong! Very, very wrong, reader. Those chemical cleaners that we use to avoid calls to a plumber are not saving us as much as much...

  • A failed pipeline under this alley would have meant excavation. Today, we were able to repair the line underground without disturbing all of these beautiful brick pavers. All of the repairs are being made without large trenchless and dig & replace methods. This saves the aesthetics of the property and thousands of dollars in repair costs. It al

  • We fix failed liners! The job is in cameo shores which is a community in the city of Corona Del Mar. Trenchless sewer repair and restoration. We do trenchless pipe repairs right the first time . Don’t count on sales people that have to subcontract the lining service. We do the entire job in-house!!! We are experts and trenchless sewer...

  • We completely remodeled this home in Newport Beach, CA. Some of the new additions were a larger more open kitchen, custom island, new fixtures and vanities in the bathroom and much more. We can reconfigure any home in the Orange County area and breathe new life into an older home. Call us today!

  • You’ll want to check out this complete home remodel on beautiful Lido Isle (Newport Beach), California. We are fully renovating this home down to the studs. This home is also being extensively reconfigured to a more modern floor plan layout. The rooftop patio and bar are going to enjoy some of the best views on the island. If you want...

  • Just a little update video to show the progress of one of our ground-up projects here in beautiful Lido Beach, CA. If you want a custom home done right, call us.

  • In these photos, Chris is repairing a 3” main water line that had burst under the street. We have the tools and equipment available to repair virtually any mainline. Call us when you want the job done right!

  • You have to see this home to believe it. We are completing a full home remodel in beautiful Orange County California. This home has all new custom faucets & fixtures with brass accented mirrors and hardware. We did all new custom tile backsplash areas, floors, and even a new super high-end TOTO toilet. Check out the video and contact us...

  • In this short video, Chris is explaining the upcoming underground leak repair. The main water supply started leaking water. We were able to pin point the location of the leak which is under the parking lot. We will make a small hole in the pavement, repair the leak and then replace the asphalt.

  • We are hard at work wrapping up a new construction project here in beautiful Huntington Beach, California. We handled all of the plumbing in this gorgeous home. Check it out!

  • In this underground plumbing repair, we had to remove a calibration tube installed by another plumber. They relined the pipe but left their cal tube installed. This causes a zero-flow situation in the line. We arrived on the job and retrieved this tremendously-long cal tube. Air had become trapped in the line and it would not deflate. We have a...

  • In this short video, Chris Fults & Paul Owen of SOS Plumbing show the post CIPP liner installation with their underground sewer camera. Approximately 100 linear feet of the liner was installed into this old broken cast iron line. The home owner was complaining about backups and blockages. The cast iron inside of the line was so badly damaged &a

  • SOS was called out to Costa Mesa California to investigate a flooding issue in a residential home. We inspected the system and found a big clog in the main sewer line. We were able to clear the blockage, restoring flow and eliminating the flooding issues. If you have a drain clog or water flooding contact us now. We are fully...

  • In this video, Chris Fults explains the repairs made to this local Taco Bell restaurant. SOS installed a new water pressure regulator along with a new check valve on the weather system./ A new temperature control unit was also installed for the men’s & women’s restrooms. We handle all commercial plumbing repairs and in most cases ca

  • In this short plumbing video, Chris Fults with SOS Plumbing Rooter is showing this gorgeous home in Lido Isle (Newport Beach) California. SOS is completing a new kitchen & bathroom renovation in this home. All new plumbing, fixtures and drains are being installed along with in ground and overhead plumbing lines. If you want to remodel your kitc

  • In this short plumbing video, Chris Fults with SOS Plumbing Rooter shows the completion of a new sump pump installation at a gorgeous home in Corona Del Mar. This neighborhood is located in Newport Beach. If you need your sump pump replaced, we have the expertise to handle the job the right way. We are fast and always arrive on...

  • In this short video, Chris Fults with SOS is showing the plumbing team in preparations for a new cured in place pipe liner (CIPP) to be installed in the existing sewer lateral. The reline will go from the bike path out to the middle of the street. The city of Newport Beach inspects the main pre and post-construction. Call us...

  • In this short video, Chris Fults with SOS explains how they replaced a complete gas main line repair that ran from the front of the home over the attic, around the pool and ending to the opposite end of the home. We were able to perform this main line repair with minimal destruction to the home saving the homeowner thousands...

  • We were called out to Turtle Ridge in Irvine, CA. We had to replace a backed up water valve that was underground. We used our sewer camera and observed that some toilet paper had been backing up the line. We were able to completely repair this line without having to completely dig up the existing line. WE CAN NARROW DOWN...

  • Another beautiful day in Newport Beach California. We have multiple projects nearing completion. One of the final steps in obtaining a certificate of completion to move in after a remodel or new build is to replace or reline the sewer lateral from the property line to the center of the street . Most of our clients prefer to restore with...

  • We were called out to a residence in Newport coast regarding a blockage. We ran our sewer camera down the line and discovered a blockage by a piece of concrete. We were able to successfully retrieve the concrete from the line and restore service. This trenchless pipe repair methodology prevented a 13-foot dig of the existing line saving this homeow

  • During this remodel, the contractor found the existing cast iron pipe system was failing in several locations. We were able to restore the entire sewer line under both units. We also repaired the connection to the city sewer system. We performed all of these repairs without digging or excavation. This saved the homeowner thousands of dollars and mo

  • This was a challenging project. We saved the foundation and custom hardscape of this beachfront home in Newport Beach California. This homeowner had a gorgeous hardscape that we needed to preserve while repairing the underground sewer lines. We not only made new pipes within the old pipe system, we completely preserved all of the hardscape and foun

  • SOS Plumbing is roughing in and prepping for a custom remodel of this amazing property in Corona Del Mar California. We will be installing all new PEX piping within the walls of this gorgeous home. We specialize in full home repipe services. Book an appointment today.

  • Check out these finishing touches on this amazing remodel including a new kitchen and four bathrooms in Lido Island, Newport Beach California.

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