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Water Leak Detection Vista Lago

SOS was called out to above address to perform leak detection service. The homeowner had discovered water coming down onto her forced air unit from the ceiling inside the FAU closet. The homeowner called out another plumber to investigate this same issue. The other plumbing contractor had also made access to drywall previously to our visit.

The home owner spoke to the neighbor upstairs who then gave us permission to investigate this water damage which was coming from this unit (8 Vista Lago). I removed the return air grill and immediately found the water dripping from the fan onto the return air compartment. The water is definitely coming from the evaporating coil (condensation) that is sitting a top of the FAU. The evaporating coil is part of the air conditioning system. We listened with electronic equipment and heard no other leaks on the pressure system at this time.

The affected areas are: the FAU closet drywall in the ceiling and adjacent walls, the FAU stand, the laundry closet side walls that are adjacent to FAU.