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Biola University Plumbing Repairs


SOS was called out to camera inspect the sewer line from a clean out in the hallway of the Alpha building. Found a section with roots about 15ft away from the clean out and also a offset at the abs pipe to cast iron connection. Need to dig up the cast iron combi in the same hallway. We could then shoot a liner about 45ft long going back to the clean out, covering 1 condensation tie in but we will reinstate that tie in. We would also shoot a liner going down stream about 30ft so we could cover the off set at the cast to abs connection.


SOS was called out to camera inspect the sewer line to map out the section we will be relining, the line runs 3ft out makes a right turn then runs to a clean out in the grass area. SOS will use the jackhammer to access the clean out in the cement located next to the bike racks. Once the cement is removed SOS will be able to prep and clean the sewer line in order to install a cured in place epoxy relining system. Once the liner has cured SOS will be able to reconnect the sewer to back fill the access point and rough patch the cement. 50 Year warranty against failure due to roots or leaks with in the relined section. Received approval to complete repairs.


Work completed on 07/03/2014 Jackhammer out a section of concrete to gain access to the sewer line. Dug down to cut out a section of the pipe so we could be able to clean out the line with the snake. Also hydro jetted. Installed a 4in that was 103ft long. Had to let it cure overnight so it could dry up. Once completed, put the drain back together. Backfilled and poured cement.