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SOS was called out to perform a leak detection service

SOS was called out to perform a leak detection service. The home owner had called her insurance after she noticed her flooring starting to deform. The insured stated that her toilet backed up and the water went into the adjacent hall way where the wood flooring is damaged. The flooring in the bath was tile. The insured did have a handyman remove the toilet and upon doing so, he broke the toilet rendering it useless.

At the time of our arrival, the sewer was still backed up, despite the fact that there had been a plumber there previously. We were able to clear stoppage through a clean out in the family room adjacent the master bathroom. The stoppage was due to grease. We recommend the home owner to provide routine maintenance so this issue will not arise again.

We listened with the electronic equipment to the potable water supply as to ensure there was no other leak. No other leaks were found at this time.