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Water Leak Detection Covina CA 91724

SOS was called out to perform a water leak detection. The home is a two story home on a slab foundation. The affected areas are a secondary kitchen and secondary bathroom. The home owner called her insurance after she noticed water flooding her kitchen upon washing her dishes.

At the time of our arrival, we noticed that the affected bathroom was being remodeled. The tub and surround had already been removed. The drains were open and the angle stops were leaking very little. I capped off the leaks in order to listen with electronic equipment on the water supply. We detected no leaks at this time. We next tested the drains and drains were draining fine (bathroom). The kitchen drain was disconnected inside the cabinet. If the insured was unaware of this, surely the water would have flooded her kitchen upon dish washing.

We noticed black discoloration on the backside of the kitchen drywall and some wood rot on the lumber which would indicate long term damage. There was no other problem with the plumbing that we noticed other than the obvious bath remodel that is occurring.