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Water Leak Detection Laguna Niguel CA 92677

SOS was called out to above address to perform a leak detection. This home had three levels with multiple bathrooms. The home owner called his insurance after he noticed water coming out of the base of his kitchen island.

We began our leak detection by repairing a pressure regulator that was leaking at the incoming. After the repair to the regulator was done, we were able to continue. We were able to hear a fresh water pressure leak on the cold water supply. The leak is under the slab and has been leaking for a few days.

Due that the house has a post tension slab, a direct access is not an option. A reroute is the best course of action. We suspect that the leak is between the kitchen manifold and the master bathroom toilet blind manifold. If our suspicion is correct, the reroute will be a half inch pipe and have a total developed length of forty five feet. We could not cut and confirm at this time due that the insured had time constraints. We will need to cut and confirm on the day of repair.