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Water Leak Detection on a Two Story House

Water Leak Detection on a Two Story House. SOS was called out to perform a water leak detection on a two story house with four bathrooms, the house was build in 1987 on postension slab foundation. After we completed our inspection, we found a hot water pressure leak. The leak was detected below the hallway area next to the family room.

The affected line isn’t a good candidate to be restored using the e-pipe technology, therefore this line needs to be rerouted. Although we didn’t have access to the manifolds in the wall due to the age of the house, we believe the affected line runs between a manifold in the family room and the kitchen sink. The reroute will damage the family room wall, the hallway ceiling, and the stucco wall behind the kitchen sink.

The hot water was turned off on top of the water heater to prevent any further damage, the house has only cold water at this time.
Due to the age of the house, an asbestos and leak test must be performed before we perform any further work.once we get the testing results, we will return either to isolate the affected line or to perform the reroute.