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Cold Water Slab Leak Found in Living Room | Leak Detection California

SOS was called out to a one story home built on a slab foundation in 1965. SOS arrived to the home and found that the water supply system was on. SOS met the homeowner who directed us to a wet spot in the carpet at the entry of the living room. SOS was able to start the leak detection and confirmed a cold water slab leak in the living room.

The leak is located between the main water manifold and a hose bib at the back yard. The leak is located between the carpet and the tile at the entry hall.

SOS is recommending that a direct access be done by pulling back the carpet and damaging the tile floor in the entry to complete a repair. SOS found vinyl tiles under the carpet that needs to be tested before a direct access can be done. Water is turned off at the ball valve at the front of the home.

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