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Leak Detection Investigation in California

SOS was called out to perform a leak detection investigation. The above mentioned address is a single story home on a slab foundation. The house has two baths.

We checked in with the home owner who directed us to the master bathroom where he pointed out the standing water in the closet carpet. The home owner explained that there was standing hot water in master bathroom floor. When the home owner found the water, he immediately turned off the water at the main, he stated.

We began our leak detection by turning the water on at the main. We had audio of a hot water pressure leak. The leak is under the slab of the master bathroom area. We marked the walls under the master lavatory’s as we need access to the plumbing inside the walls. We also marked the stucco wall on the right side of the house, which would give us access to the plumbing supplying master tub. We marked the areas due that the age of the house is old enough that walls need to be tested for lead and asbestos.

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