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Leak Detection Orange County Apartment Building

SOS was called out to perform a leak detection investigation. This property is an apartment building. The two units in question are apartment 1 which is directly under apartment 3. This two story apartments have common drains and water supply.

Upon arrival, we checked in with the tenants of both apartments. The tenant in apartment 1 showed us the affected areas: the hall ceiling above washer and the hall bathroom ceiling above toilet.

We checked in with the tenant in apartment 3, and we began testing the washer: the washer leaked during the discharge cycle of operation. This is one issue that caused the loss in the ceiling of the apartment 1 in hall. Apartment 3 also has laminate flooring that has started to bubble (flooring in the kitchen, adjacent bathroom), and we believe it is caused by a leaking toilet wax ring/wax seal. We suspect this due that the flooring has been remodeled and the toilet leaks intermittently when flushed.

The recommended repairs are as follows: washer to be repaired or replaced by appliance repair company, and the closet flange to be replaced with new wax ring.