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Water Damage Anaheim, CA | Master Bathroom Wall Water Damage

SOS was called out to the home to locate the source of water damage in master bathroom wall. The home is a single story home built in 1979. The home owner directed SOS to the master bathroom where the wall behind the vanity sink was wet. The mirror had been removed by others. The leak detection revealed a possible cold water pipe leaking in the wall behind vanity. The leak is located approx. 2′ to 3′ up from vanity counter surface. Due to the age of the home no drywall was accessed and blue tape was applied to the wall where access is needed to make this repair.

NOTE: The home has been re piped, but the repipe appears to be done with subpar quality and code violations. There are steel braided supply lines connections in attic space and the piping is not secure or strapped.

Pending material test outcome the wall where issue is occurring has been marked with blue tape. Member will manage water from front riser.