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SOS Water Leak Detection

SOS Water Leak Detection: SOS lead technicians Pablo, Rigo and Alvaro were dispatched to a residential home for an emergency water leak. SOS was able to find and isolate the leaking line that was running from the garage to the exterior of the home under an outside tile patio that surrounds the Jacuzzi.

The technicians returned to the residence to confirm that there was a second leak in the home. This second leak was caused by the other under the slab. Most of the home has now lost hot water due to the water leaks. With further leak detection performed by the SOS technicians, it was determined that there were at least two more leaks. This is a very large leak and has caused sand to be pulled into the pipes.

SOS will need to reroute and repair the pipes. We will then need to replace the shut off valves and flush out the system. SOS is hoping that the kitchen and bathroom faucets can be saved.