Pipe Burst Services In Orange County

Pipe Burst Services In Orange County

Pipe Burst Services In Orange County

For decades, the only way to replace or repair broken sewer lines was to dig a deep trench (usually four to six feet underground) to expose the entire length of the pipeline. The old pipe had to be pulled up and discarded and lengths of new pipe had to be carefully laid in place and fused together. Those days are over now there’s an innovative approach to restoring old broken and damaged sewer and drain lines.

S.O.S. Plumbing utilizes the best trenchless repair methods available. Trenchless methods require little digging and fixes pipes from the inside resulting in less environmental impact. In most cases our epoxy relining system is the best option for a permanent sewer repair.

Another proven trenchless option is our pipe bursting method. This can be used on extra long sewer lines or when the job requires the pipe diameter to be increased. A good example of this would be when several bathrooms are being added and the sewer line needs to be increased from 4” to 6”. Please call or email to discuss your specific project.

S.O.S. Plumbing and Expert Drain Cleaning Service has the best non-invasive method for pipe bursting, it only requires a couple of small pits to gain access to the damaged pipes below ground. Using the broken sewer line as our guide, our hydraulic pipe-bursting machinery pulls full-sized, seamless replacement pipe through the old pipe’s path while breaking up the old damaged pipe in the process. Once the job is completed, the entrance and exit pits can be quickly refilled, leaving little or no evidence of activity. The new heavy-duty polyethylene pipe we use has a life expectancy of up to one hundred years. And since the pipe is seamless, it is impervious to leaks or root intrusion.

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We service the greater Orange County & surrounding areas. If you have any questions pertaining to your plumbing problems or want to get trenchless sewer reline information please call us

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