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What Are the Symptoms of Clogged Drains or Sewer Lines?

Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or the person responsible for any kind of property, clogged drains and sewer lines are probably the most common plumbing problems you suffer. Bad plumbing doesn't know or care if you own a $200,000 house or $20 million public building, clogged drains and backed-up sewer lines can run the gamut from being annoying to being dangerous.

How do you know if your drains are clogged? Look for these symptoms:

  • Water drains slowly (or doesn't drain) from the bathroom or kitchen sinks, the tub, or washing machine
  • The toilet gurgles when it flushes
  • The toilet backs up into sinks, tub, or shower
  • The base of the toilet has water around it

If you're experiencing these kinds of problems, it's time to call S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER today at (800) 403-9113 for a free cost estimate. Call now for proficient drain cleaning and repair in Orange County.

What Causes Clogged Drains or Backed-up Sewer Lines?

Just because clogged drains and sewer lines are the most common plumbing problems doesn't mean they can't be very costly. Also, the strange thing is, they are also among the most preventable problems.

Here are some usual causes of clogged drains and sewer line problems. A little care will prevent many of them from occurring.

They include:

  • Fats, oils, and grease being put down the drain
  • Coffee grounds and eggshells being disposed of in the garbage disposal
  • Food scraps being put down the drain
  • Anything other than toilet paper being flushed down the toilet
  • Invasive tree roots penetrating pipes or sewer lines

S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER has high-definition cameras on each truck and trained, skilled technicians who know how to use them. A camera inspection on your drains or sewer lines tells the technician where the problem is in the system without using invasive techniques that sometimes cause more damage to the pipes. If work is necessary—a simple cleaning or something more—we will give you an upfront estimate and usually take care of the problem that same day.

How Does S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER Find the Problem?

With plumbing in Orange County, your pipes are hidden beneath your floors, landscaping, or concrete in driveways or sidewalks, so how does S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER find where the trouble is without disrupting or damaging those things? We use state-of-the-art technology combined with experience and expertise. Our technicians are skilled in all means of line examination.

Trust our Orange County & Garden Grove drain repair technicians to find the answer to your plumbing problems. We use the detection method most suited for the situation.

We are highly experienced with using the following:

  • High definition cameras will pinpoint the problem; we carry them on every truck
  • Electronic leak detection equipment
  • Ultrasonic leak detection equipment
  • Electronic line tracer
  • Pressure test
  • Air test
  • Laser thermometer (for slab leaks)
  • Thermal imaging camera (Infrared camera)

Once we find the source of the problem, we work with you on the best solution. In some cases, when more than a simple cleaning is needed, we can also work with your insurance company. We have a great relationship with most insurance companies, which relieves you of some financial pressure.

How Are Clogged Drains or Backed Up Sewer Lines Cleared?

We suit our repair solutions on what's causing the clog and where it is in the system. We built our reputation of being Orange County's pre-eminent plumbing solution company by choosing the right methods for the problem, thereby saving our customers’ money and avoiding potential damage to landscaping or property.

When a clog or leak happens, there are always different ways to approach the problem. The trained technicians at S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER have a wide range of problem-solving methods and equipment available. Remember, it's always best to work through a proper sewer and drain clean out. Not sure you need one or want more information?

Check out the ways we can help:

  • Non-evasive pushrod technique – for clearing simple, soft stoppages. We use this method when a backed-up sewer or drain line is caused by using too much paper, paper towels, diapers, cleaning, and/or clothes. This gentle way to clean the lines is especially helpful in older homes with brittle, rusted, and corroded drain and sewer lines. We have the option of inspecting the line at the same time with our combination rodder camera set up.
  • Power snake, cable, or drain machine – for more difficult stoppages. When the stoppage is tougher, we use new-generation, heavy-duty sewer and drain cleaning equipment. We use closed drum equipment, which is much safer and doesn’t leave a mess. After the plumbing problem is fixed, the last thing you need to be doing is cleaning up after the plumbers.
  • High-, low-, medium-pressure hydro-jetting – for use only when the time and place demand it. S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER’s service techs are trained to know when to use hydro-jetting—and most importantly, when not to use it. With the proper attachments and correct pressure, we can effectively remove grease and de-scale sewer and drain lines. Jetting is not always easy to use in older homes, especially when cleaning cast iron, clay, and orangeburg sewer and drain lines; and for that reason, we always exercise extra caution. We have developed a safer jetting process that includes a camera, allowing us to get the job done right without damaging the existing plumbing.
  • Heavy duty root removal – for invasive tree roots in your sewer. When tree roots invade the sewer, causing a backup, we have several methods of root removal: Expandable mechanical cutters, rotary cutters, chain cutters that work with air pressure, and various types of water-powered cutters. Location of the roots and the extent of the damage dictates which method we use.
  • Trenchless technology methods – for situations when sewer and drain lines are collapsed, broken, or beyond cleaning. In these cases, we have an alternative method of repair. S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER has developed several sewer and drain relining methods over the years and is a recognized expert in the field of epoxy pipe restoration.

Remember, recurring drain and sewer line problems that occur several times a year are not the norm. If you experience ongoing sewer and drain problems, we can help. Maybe other companies aren’t able to solve your plumbing problems, but S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER can. We will fix your clogged drain and sewer line troubles permanently—often with a lifetime warranty.

What Are the Advantages of Having Us Clear Your Clogged Drains & Clean Your Sewer Lines?

After all is said and done about clogged drains and backed-up sewers, the bottom line is why you should hire S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER to resolve your troubles. Your problem could be small or large. We realize that no matter what your situation, you want to hire the company that provides the highest quality service and value for your dollar. That's S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER.

Let us help you with all your drain cleanings and repairs in Orange County. Call us today at (800) 403-9113 to get a free cost estimate.

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