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Sewer Repairs in Orange County

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Since 1970, family-owned and operated S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER has been helping families, businesses, cities, and even other plumbing companies repair broken pipes, leaks, and other problems resulting from clogged drains and sewer line backups—all of which could add up to costly fees if not taken care of properly.

We can repair any sewer in California. We are fully equipped to handle broken sewer systems from root or tree damage. We service all of Orange County and surrounding areas. Our technicians also repair sewer laterals, manholes, and main lines. We are experts in finding the issue and devising the best method to repair it, using our own technicians and equipment. We don't sub-contract because we don't need to. Many in Orange County and surrounding area consider S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER "the plumber's plumber."

To learn more about our sewer repairs in Orange County and how we can help you, please either contact us online or call us today at (800) 403-9113.

Many clogged drain and sewer line backups are simple to fix. They might involve a minor fracture in a pipe, a broken or loose fitting, or replacing a trap.

Other repairs are more complex. They might involve removing tree roots that have invaded a pipe or some form of trenchless technology. S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER techs can often diagnose the problem and fix it in the same day.

Effective & Conscientious Repairs

Remember, if a repair means destroying your landscaping or structure, it's not the best solution. Some plumbing companies do whatever is fastest or easiest for them, giving no guarantees that the job will solve your problem and sometimes leaving a mess behind that costs you even more. That's not how S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER does business.

At S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER, our professional technicians are trained in a wide range of repair methods. This ensures we can choose a technique that prevents damage to your structure or surrounding property as much as possible. No wonder our current customers and industry professionals recommend people with plumbing needs to us.

We're S.O.S PLUMBING ROOTER—the best team making guaranteed repairs with the least collateral damage to property.

To schedule a free cost estimate for our sewer repairs in Orange County, feel free to contact us today at (800) 403-9113.

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