Underground Line Repair in Newport Beach

cipp repair newport beach

Underground Line Repair in Newport Beach

A failed pipeline under this alley would have meant excavation. Today, we were able to repair the line underground without disturbing all of these beautiful brick pavers. All of the repairs are being made without large trenchless and dig & replace methods. This saves the aesthetics of the property and thousands of dollars in repair costs. It also saves weeks of time to complete the repairs, especially when compared to traditional sewer repair and replacement work.


Video Transcription – Edited for Clarity

“This is Chris Folds with SOS. I’m here this morning in Newport Beach with Mario and Fernando, and we’re just doing a small reline project. What we’re [going to] do here is install a new liner going into the main access. It comes out of the new house, and we’re going to put a new reline section underneath the alley. The reason we’re doing this is to save this alley, which is done with pavers all the way down. [We’re also doing this] for minimal destruction. It’s a really busy alley.”

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